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adesso GlobalDeliveryModel

Based on our experience over the years by delivering projects with distributed teams, we have defined our own delivery model especially for SmartShore projects: aGDM – adesso Global Delivery model.


  • A constant focus on customer needs through software development that is tailored to each companys needs.
  • The regular delivery of functional software increments in a three-week interval.
  • Effective quality management using Agile Quality Gates in which all project roles control and optimise compliance with quality rules across different delivery phases.
  • Faster response times to changes and shorter time-to-market thanks to an agile deployment approach.
  • Project transparency through clearly defined roles, project metrics, regular reporting, and continuous feedback.
  • A structured and informative start to the project thanks to the Smart Start approach, which ensures high synergies, team spirit, mutual understanding, and alignment of project goals.


How we start makes the difference
SmartStart Workshop
  • SmartStart is a 2-day dedicated workshop designed for a project kick-off involving ideally all stakeholders.
  • With predefined questionnaires and checklist, the objective is to clarify the readliness for a kick-off, define actions, their responsibilities and priorities.
  • All actions are then tracked continuously through the project lifecycle until completion.
On-Site Phase & KT
  • Initial Sprint(s) is(are) planned always onsite as a best practice of adesso GDM.
  • This approach supports team building and smooth knowledge transfer. Dedicated process and checklists are already in place as part of GDM.
  • Quality gates can be adjusted according to the experience out of this phase.
Distributed Work
  • Once onsite phase is successfully completed, team start working in a distributed model.
  • During the project lifecycle, key personal of distributed teams come together for scrum ceremmonies on an agreed interval.
  • In case of need, further on-site phases can be planned accordingly during the lifecycle of the project.

Cultural Fit

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Team members who speak the same language as you do

Every adessi has to pass a language exam. Thus we support them with many programs in place. Project leaders have high proficiency both in language and in governing the correct information distribution into the team.


Geographical proximity and fewer time-zone differences

Project meetings will not be lost in the time-zones. Because there is only 1 hour shift in the summertime and only 2 hours shift in the wintertime with Turkey. That brings the advantage of potential extra work on urgent issues.


Overcoming challenges of remote work

All SmartShore teams come with a global delivery experience. We provide regular training to enhance communications among the members of the project team and offer platforms and events to socialize. adesso Global Delivery Model (aGDM) makes sure, meetings are conducted in the most effective way. Thanks to the geographical proximity our team members attend selected agile ceremonies on-site.


Distributed teams bring in different cultures

“One adesso” approach is in the DNA of adesso we make sure everyone feels connected and stays aligned. This culture is protected by group-wide events, effective communications portals, and on-site events to increase the personal touch. Keeping face-to-face socialization at the center we harness the power of a fully digital workplace.